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Glow Up Nutrition has transformed countless lives with nutrition and health programs and coaching services


The 30 day Glow Up Challenge was amazing!

During the 30 days, Amber took all of the guesswork out of the process, providing so many tips and personalized support along the way. I have tried in the past on my own to cut out certain foods, without success. But during the 30 days, with all the whole foods I WAS eating, I was surprised at how easy the process felt. I never felt deprived, and the results were better than I expected. While weight loss was not my goal of the program, I lost weight and inches, due to the decreased inflammation and bloating. I was also surprised about the way it improved my sleep - quite drastically! I did not anticipate my sleep improving as much as it did. It was easier to fall asleep and I was getting more deep sleep. That part was amazing! I also had more energy and my digestion improved. Amber provided the tools and support not only for the 30 days, but followed up afterward to see how I was doing. She was also a great cheerleader, I felt her genuine enthusiasm whenever I achieved a win - no matter how big or small. I feel like I have the knowledge to continue making lifelong healthy choices.

Chelsea, 35, Marketing Director, Anti-Inflammatory Detox + Debloat

"I'm five days into my new wellness plan and I'm loving it! I feel energized, committed and excited for the next 25 days and more. I feel satisfied and not at all deprived. Having Amber's guidance and expertise as a coach is critical. She offers the perfect balance of support and accountability. I want to share my success with her and can feel her genuine care for my own wellbeing. She's the best part of the experience!"

Jennifer, 46, Assistant Superintendent, Anti-Inflammatory Detox + Debloat

"Amber is hands-down the best decision I have made for my health.
She actually listened to all of my concerns and without an ounce of dismissal, formulated a plan of action within my comfort level. I no longer am suffering from debilitating brain fog, fatigue and even some food allergies. With her help, I am learning to reconnect with my body, value new limitations and have even broken new boundaries! Great tools to make myself feel confident in making healthy lifestyle choices after coaching."


Lost 16.5 pounds and 9 inches, less pain in her body, lowered blood pressure, got rid of heartburn, feeling happier

Emmie, 64, Teacher


Lost 5 pounds and 4.5 inches, lowered blood pressure

Jackie, 58, Health Care

"I was referred to Amber by a friend who has worked with her for years. Although I consider myself to be educated in nutrition, I found it difficult to disseminate the mountain of information on the internet - I needed an expert! Amber identified my main goals and streamlined the entire process. The goals were attainable, but over time, proved to be large changes that I could stick to!

I can't thank her enough for the positive changes I have seen in my life - physically, emotionally, and mentally."

Brianne, 37, Speech Therapist, Private Coaching

Lost 7.5 pounds, gained energy, feels less bloated, has less body aches, lowered blood pressure

Kerry, 49, Administrator

"So glad that after a year of contemplating doing the 30 day program I did it. I haven’t felt this good in a really long time. 

I was looking to do this purely to reduce inflammation in my body, to see if it would help delay a much needed knee surgery and by week 3 I was noticing a huge different in not just my joints but how I felt. More energy, sleeping better, being able to get out of bed without hitting snooze 3 times, better mood and overall just feeling better. I’ve continued with a substantial amount of the program well past the 30 days and I now know what foods cause me to have joint pain and or feel sluggish. I continue to drop weight and that’s just a bonus. Amber was beyond positive and generous with her time. She always responded when I had questions or needed help with a food item or even dealing with some side effects from being chronically dehydrated for years. If you’ve been considering this program or working with Amber, do it."

Kristen, 46, Executive Assistant, Anti-Inflammatory Detox and Debloat

"I have been trying to lose weight for months with no luck. I exercise and still no weight lost. Since the very first time we spoke you made me feel understood, and no you don't make miracles but when the client commits and follows your advice you will see results.''

Monica, 44, Speech Therapy Assistant, Anti-Inflammatory Detox + Debloat

"Amber was a very supportive coach. Every time I had a question, she was so great to get right back with me.

The thing that impressed me most about her quick response was that she was also on vacation in another part of the world during part of that time. Especially as a retired person, having her support and encouragement helped me to persevere and keep going. About 2 weeks into the cleanse, I had some blood work done and saw my Cardiologist. He was not only pleased with my results, but amazed at the significant drop in all my Cholesterol numbers. My Lupus had become active again after 8 1/2 years of remission a couple months prior to the cleanse. My Rheumatologist also ran some blood work during that time, which resulted in lower levels as well. I had a new found energy and self-esteem. Was great to fit into some of my clothes I had not been able to wear for a while too. Amber walks her talk and I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their nutrition & health."

Cindy, 66, Hospice Volunteer, Anti-Inflammatory Detox + Debloat

 Lost 10 pounds, has more energy

Lisa, 48, Administration

"My life changed. Eating habits were one of my problems before, now I can control myself by not eating unhealthy food.
The most important thing is feeling healthier than before."

Dorthy, 50, Anti-Inflammatory Detox + Debloat

Lost 8.5 pounds and 3.75 inches, improved digestion and gut discomfort

Dawn, 45, Doula


Lost 8.5 pounds and 4.5 inches, feels happier, has more energy, reduced brain fog, feels more vibrant

Trisha, 42, Operations

"I came to Amber because I needed some specific guidance on cleaning up my diet and finding ways to reduce my headaches and fatigue. Amber suggested some great supplements and really helped me understand where I might be compromising my health. She was super caring and always willing to help find a solution. Really loved the constant feedback and support from Amber. It felt like I wasn't alone during the 30 days! Highly recommend!"

Niya, 40, Entrepreneur, Anti-Inflammatory Detox + Debloat

Lost 6.5 pounds, feels more confident and disciplined with food choices, reduced cholesterol, reduced blood glucose

 Caroline, 37, Documentation Specialist


Are you ready to leave limiting beliefs behind and Find Your Glow? I'm ready to lead the way and partner with you to create your happiest healthiest life!

Amber is based in San Diego California and provides nutrition and health support to women all over the world.

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