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Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are a legally binding agreement between the “Client" and Glow Up Nutrition LLC., the “Coach”

Agreement Terms

Services: The Coach shall provide the following services (“Services”) to the Client in accordance with the terms and conditions of this contract.

Description of the Services

  1. Initial Assessment: As part of the Program, Client and Coach will discuss the Client’s history and goals and the Coach will create a Program to support the Client in reaching those goals. This includes specific habits / action steps that the Coach will teach the Client, and the Client will practice and implement into their daily life. The Program will be adjusted and will advance as needed based on ongoing monitoring of client progress and metrics.

  2. Periodic Check-Ins & Methods of Communication: The Coach and the Client will check in weekly via 45-60 minute Zoom video calls (Overwhelmed to Glowing) or regular texts (Anti-Inflammatory Detox and Debloat) to assess how the Client is doing. The Client is welcome to contact the Coach via text or email for additional support with questions or concerns. If the Client wishes to schedule additional calls with the Coach, the Coach is happy to do so for an additional fee of $100 per hour or portion thereof. The Client will submit feedback / data to the Coach via email, Google docs or forms, or Typeform surveys to demonstrate that they are making objective progress weekly. Additional applications or modes of communication may also be used. The feedback / data provided to the Coach may include, but is not limited to, body photos, body measurements, weight, food logs and/or food photos, recorded Zoom calls, and any other forms of homework / forms sent to the Client as deemed necessary by the Coach to adequately provide the Services. Client will also be given access to a private member only area of the Glow Up Nutrition website.

  3. Monitoring Progress: The Coach will use information from Client communication and meetings as well as subjective and objective data to monitor the Client’s progress, and will share feedback and suggestions for adjustments to the program as needed. 

  4. Excluded Services: Education and guidelines about meals and learning how to fuel your body is a core part of Glow Up Nutrition programs. However,  the Coach will not provide specific meal plans that tell the Client exactly what to eat as this is not the Coach’s preferred methodology and approach. Also excluded are prepared foods and detailed workout plans.

  5. Price, Payment, and Cancellation of Services: The Client agrees to pricing and payment by signing up and paying for their desired program via the Glow Up Nutrition website. Payment is due prior to work starting. The Coach has the right to cancel services if payments are more than 14 days overdue. The Client has the right to cancel services if they are not satisfied for any reason. Programs have a money back guarantee within, and no later than, 7 days of Program completion.

  6. Limit of Liability: The Coach agrees to provide Services within her scope of practice, and the Client agrees to communicate with the Coach with full disclosure and honesty. The Client agrees to incorporate the nutrition and health habits the Coach teaches them into their daily lifestyle in order for the Client to achieve their desired results. The Client understands that Services are not a guarantee of results, and that the Coach assumes no liability for the Client’s failure to comply with the nutrition and habits and action steps agreed upon by both Parties. Services can be discontinued by the Coach or Client before the program is completed by submitting a request in writing.