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Nutrition Programs For Women Over 30

Amber Clarkston offers nutrition and lifestyle private coaching. She teaches women over 30 how to transform their body, add health to their daily habits, and feel good from the inside out.

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More than two years after dieting, 83% of women gain more than they lost..

The secret to maintaining your goal weight has nothing to do with willpower or depriving yourself

Long term success is achieved by building sustainable habits and routines into your daily life. Together we will create a road map that enables you to feel full of vitality, transform your inner monologue, and become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself. 

With the right knowledge, nutrition support + plan you will:

  • Feel satisfied after meals and between meals and maintain your desired goal weight 

  • Love how you feel in your body and create lifelong self love and self confidence

  • Sleep well and feel full of vitality with lasting energy  all day

  •  Achieve mental clarity and body confidence

  • Understand how to optimize your health and wellness

  • Feel empowered and confident in making healthy food choices

  • Create physical health that allows you do the activities you love 

Your Nutrition and Health Coach

Hi! I'm Amber Clarkston

+ 47 Years Old
+ Life Long
+ Certified Nutrition Coach, Emphasis in Sport and Exercise Nutrition PN 1
+ Certified Master Health Coach PN 2
+ Mom of 2 Teenage Boys



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Your Nutrition & Health Coach

Hi, I'm Amber Clarkston

+ 47 Years Old
+ Life Long Athlete
+ Certified Nutrition Coach, Emphasis in Sport and Exercise Nutrition PN 1
+ Certified Master Health Coach PN 2
+ Mom of 2 Teenage Boys


As a single mom of two sons, time slipped as life took over and I found myself at 40 years old, feeling exhausted and trapped in my own body - as most women do.

Desperate for change, I attained my Nutrition Coaching Certification as well as a Master Health Coach Certification. Utilizing nutritional science, I developed a sustainable approach for my own nutrition and lifestyle habits. By experimenting with different approaches over time, and remaining consistent, I was able to achieve a health transformation that I could maintain. It gave me back energy I hadn't felt in years!  The origin of my work's passion was designed for success with my own health and wellness. I then applied these same concepts when developing programs for my clients.  My programs take into account health on all levels - age, genetics, stress, lifestyle, and specific goals.

Since then, I've helped over 100 women achieve these same results through thoughtful, proven programs and services designed to fit into your life and help you find your glow again. Together, we'll implement powerful nutrition and lifestyle habits that will transform the way you look and feel at any age. Are you ready to reclaim and live the vibrant life you deserve? 

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It's time to create long term sustainable habits in your life and find your glow


Overwhelmed To Glowing

An individualized approach to health + nutrition for women over 30

This program is designed specifically for women over 30 who've struggled to maintain their goal weight, are tired of feeling tired, are sick of yoyo dieting, and who want to feel full of energy and good in their body so they can live the vibrant life they deserve.

Sound familiar?

You are not alone! I've helped many women just like you address the individual health challenges holding them back so they can feel amazing.

We will dig deep and collaborate to create powerful new habits you'll be able to maintain in order to transform your body, your life, and your confidence for the long haul!

This one on one personalized coaching environment will truly change your life. It will give you the tools, knowledge, and professional support you need to finally see a transformational and lasting change.

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