Private Coaching: A 3 month program to guide your from Overwhelmed to Glowing

Achieve Peak Health Through Transformative Nutrition and Health Habit Stacking in 90 Days

3 months of customized professional 1:1 support to transform your health. This premium private coaching program will transform your health using habit stacking to improve your self confidence and how you look, feel and function for the rest of your life.

I'm Ready For The Reset!

"Amber is hands-down the best decision I have made for my health. She actually listened to all of my concerns and without an ounce of dismissal, formulated a plan of action within my comfort level. I no longer am suffering from debilitating brain fog, fatigue and even some food allergies. With her help, I am learning to reconnect with my body, value new limitations and have even broken new boundaries! Great tools to make myself feel confident in making healthy lifestyle choices after coaching."

Danielle, 37
Product Manager, Private Coaching


an in depth & focused approach to nutrition

Find Your Glow With Private 1:1 Nutrition Plan and Health Guidance 

My 90 day private coaching program is designed for women who want to be in control of their health and wellness journey. Private coaching enables you to create real results that you'll maintain long after our work together has ended.

As your personal coach, I'll guide you through a habits based approach to improving your nutrition and lifestyle habits. You'll experience transformational changes in how you look and feel, and your self confidence will improve significantly.

I'll take you on a collaborative process to improve areas you want to focus on while also illuminating things you may not be aware of. You are able to set the pace of your progress during this healing journey.

Let's Get Started
Women in a weight loss program conducted by a health coach found::

 70% of women who participated in a weight loss program with a health coach achieved their weight loss goals.  92% of the participants reported improvements in their overall health.

Working one on one with me will enable you to finally overcome challenges that have been holding you back from living a vibrant life full of energy 

This program was made for you if you desire:

To deepen your nutrition & health knowledge

Tired of all the conflicting information out there? You're not alone. Let me guide you through the maze of information and help you gain a deep understanding of what your body needs to thrive.

Unlimited Support From an Experienced Coach

Have you ever felt lost and unsupported on your health journey? Let me be your guide and confidant. With my support, you will never feel alone or unsupported again.

To ditch fad diets and programs that don't work

Are you tired of being on the diet rollercoaster? You don't have to do that anymore. Together we can create a sustainable long term plan for you.

To feel energized, and reduce stress

Do you struggle with low energy and high stress? With the right nutrition and lifestyle habits, you can boost your energy and reduce stress, so you can feel your best every day.

To overcome nagging health issues

Do you have nagging health issues that won't go away? Are they getting worse? Chronic inflammation is the underlying cause of almost all disease and dysfunction. The right nutrition can help reduce inflammation and relieve and eliminate a huge amount of health issues.

To get off the yo-yo diet roller coaster for good 

It's time to break the cycle and create a sustainable nutrition and lifestyle plan that works for you. With a sustainable nutrition and lifestyle plan you can absolutely step away from that yo yo cycle. My support and guidance will enable you to achieve and maintain your goals long term.

Creating Life Long Health and Wellness

This flagship program will give you the highest change at being successful long term with your health and wellness goals.

Private Coaching gives you the most personal in depth way to work with me. Your success has nothing to do with willpower or the latest fad diet.

Let's work tougher to implement habits and systems into your life that will create long term vitality!

I'm Ready, Let's Get Started!
WHAT's included

Here's What You'll Receive With Private Coaching

Nutrition Kickoff 

90 Minute Kick Off phone call to discuss where you are today, your goals, program details, and what to expect.

Weekly 1:1 Zoom Meetings

You and I will meet once a week for 12 weeks to build healthy habits that work for you. I'll monitor your progress and adjust what you're working on as needed to ensure you stay on track. I support you every step of the way and we'll celebrate your struggles and your wins together.

Unlimited Text Support

You have unlimited text access to me for any questions you have. I'm also here for you if need extra help navigating a tough situation or just need a little extra support. We all have difficult days and I'm here to support you through all of it!

Nutrition + Health Guides

You'll receive educational material, homework assignments, and other resources to support specific habits that you're working on. These will support and deepen your learning and success. You may also receive recipe ideas.

Sustainable lifestyle habits will enable you to feel good in your body and confident in your health and your choices

I'll help you develop and master nutrition and lifestyle changes in a flexible way that feels achievable. We'll focus on areas that are important to you and that you want to change, shine light on areas you currently have some skill in, and skip areas that you show mastery in.

Let's get started on the path to long term healing, and finally find your glow!

Yes! I'm In!

"I was referred to Amber by a friend who has worked with her for years. Although I consider myself to be educated in nutrition, I found it difficult to disseminate the mountain of information on the internet- I needed an expert! Amber identified my main goals and streamlined the entire process. The goals were attainable, but over time, proved to be large changes that I could stick to! I can't thank her enough for the positive changes I have seen in my life- physically, emotionally, and mentally."

Brianne, 37
Speech Therapist, Private Coaching

We cover a variety of habits during private coaching. It's a personalized approach so different clients may work on different habits.

Potential Topics Covered Include
Food choices

meal timing

meal planning


Weight loss


Macro & micronutrients

Gaining muscle


Anti-inflammatory eating

gut health


Food Mindsets

Cooking methods
Popular diets (keto, vegan, carnivore...)

Food intolerances

Sleep hygiene

Effective stress management

Imagine if you could feel comfortable in your body every day, have sustaining energy, and feel confident to live life on your terms

Overwhelmed To Glowing will give you the guidance & support to make it happen

Let's Get Started

Achieve Peak Health Through Transformative Nutrition and Health Habit Stacking in 90 Days

This 3 Month Overwhelmed to Glowing program gives you an incredibly in depth and personal approach to improving your nutrition and health with 1:1 Coaching.



3 Total Payments

  • Health Questionnaire Intake Form Review 
  • Food Log Review & Feedback
  • 90 Minute Kick Off phone call to discuss goals, program details and directions, and what to expect 
  • Unlimited text support directly from Amber
  • Resources for your Glow Up Nutrition Digital Binder
MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE within 14 days of program completion.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your program, let me know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.

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