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Jennifer, Assistant Superintendent

I'm five days into my new wellness plan and I'm loving it! I feel energized, committed and excited for the next 25 day and more. I feel satisfied and not at all deprived. Having Amber's guidance and expertise as a coach is critical. She offers the perfect balance of support and accountability. I want to share my success with her and can feel her genuine care for my own wellbeing. She's the best part of the experience!

David, Senior Project Manager

As an older man that has been exercising again for a few years after I allowed myself to put on some weight, I struggled making any difference to the love handles and back fat area. One picture she posted “you can't suck in back fat” caught my eye. I texted her and told her I was interested. She immediately setup a phone call and we discussed goals and the program. The setup with her help was seamless and the products taste great! 30 days later I’m not quite where I want to be but have to admit I’m pleased with the results. Thanks Amber!

Danielle, Product Manager

Amber is hands-down the best decision I have made for my health. She actually listened to all of my concerns and without an ounce of dismissal, formulated a plan of action within my comfort level. I no longer am suffering from debilitating brain fog, fatigue and even some food allergies. With her help, I am learning to reconnect with my body, value new limitations and have even broken new boundaries!

Cindy, Hospice Volunteer

My son invited me to join him on the 30-day Detox/Cleanse with Amber at the beginning of the year. So I joined up thinking I could be a support to him. Never dreamed  how much I would end up benefiting from it too. Amber was a very supportive coach. Every time I had a question, she was so great to get right back with me. The thing that impressed me most about her quick response was, that she was also on vacation in another part of the world during part of that time. Especially as a retired person, having her support and encouragement helped me to persevere and keep going. About 2 weeks into the cleanse, I had some blood work done and saw my Cardiologist. He was not only pleased with my results, but amazed at the significant drop in all my Cholesterol numbers. My Lupus had become active again after 8 1/2 years of remission a couple months prior to the cleanse. My Rheumatologist also ran some blood work during that time, which resulted in lower levels as well. I had a new found energy and self-esteem. Was great to fit into some of my clothes I had not been able to wear for awhile too. Amber walks her talk and I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their nutrition & health. 

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