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Unlock Your Body's Potential and Achieve Peak Health With Amber's Signature Programs

Focused on helping women heal and achieve the happiest, healthiest version of themselves.

Nutrition Guidance and Sustainable Habits From an Experienced Nutrition and Health Coach

My Signature Programs are designed for women who are ready and willing to dig deep and create life long health and vitality. Women who are tired of having the same New Year's Resolutions every year. Women who are tired of feeling stuck in a yo yo pattern of making progress and then seeming to slide backwards every time.


Private Coaching

Overwhelmed To Glowing 3 Month Program

My Private Coaching is the top tier most comprehensive program I offer. It's also my favorite way of working with a client as it allows me to truly dig deep and collaborate with you on creating powerful new habits into your life. This one on one personalized coaching environment will truly change your life.

If you've been looking for a truly specialized and personal approach that considers your lifestyle and addresses the individual challenges you're trying to overcome, this is the program for you!

It will give you the best opportunity to create sustainable lifestyle changes and truly feel confident in making decisions around your eating and wellness habits for the long haul. 

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Detox + Debloat

A Whole Body Reset

My Anti-Inflammatory Detox + Debloat is a deep dive whole body nutrition reset. The program is 4 weeks and will reduce your body's inflammation and toxin load, improve your gut health and digestion, and enable you to identify potential food sensitivities.

Reducing your inflammation and improving your gut health are two of the most important things you can do to support your health and wellness. 

Your transformation includes helping your body reduce its toxin load, feel less bloated, have greater mental clarity, sleep better, and having more confidence around what foods help you feel good.

The Detox & Debloat program has been proven to help women overcome the issues holding them back from finally feeling good in their bodies, and provide specific nutritional guidance designed to support your busy lifestyle.

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What is the difference between Private Coaching and the Anti-Inflammatory Detox + Debloat Program?

Private Coaching 

A one on one completely customized program

A 12 week long program with weekly 45-60 minute video calls. I'll teach you foundational nutrition pillars while incorporating multiple aspects of deep health including stress management and quality sleep. We progress at your desired pace and you're very involved with deciding what you want to focus on, change, or learn more about. The sky is the limit! Working closely with you I'll help you implement new habits and routines that will significantly improve your health and wellness. We'll focus on areas you feel challenged in and develop a sustainable plan that will enable you to achieve your goals with professional personalized 1:1weekly and daily support.


 The Anti-Inflammatory Detox + Debloat

A Whole Body Nutrition Reset

A 4 week program focused on uncovering what inflames your system and prevents you from feeling good in your body. This is an elimination diet that removes the most acidic, inflammatory, and addictive foods and food products from your diet. This program is easy to follow with very clear instructions and guidance. It includes everything you need to be successful including exact foods to avoid, health promoting foods to focus on, suggested recipes, information on toxins, and a grocery shopping list to keep you on track.

Professional Dietary Assessment 

Learn to improve your health with a comprehensive diet analysis and specific guidance to help you achieve your goals 

Your age, current health, body type, gender, and activity levels will be at the center of formulating my recommendations so that you truly see and feel a difference in your body. Through a 7 day dietary analysis, we'll determine the quality and nutrient profile of your overall diet. You'll track your eating for 7 days, and I'll provide a detailed report on your micronutrient profiles, hydration, and the ability of your current diet to prevent and reduce disease and dysfunction. 

You'll receive a detailed nutritional breakdown of your current diet to help you understand what's working well and areas you should consider improving. In my report I'll detail specific changes you can implement to achieve your goals.

This Program is a Good Fit for You If You:

  • Want professional recommendations on your current diet based on specific goals you’re working on

  • Have some nutrition knowledge and feel like you eat fairly well but are stuck / not able to achieve your goals

  • Your weight loss efforts have plateaued

  • Your doctor or health care provider recently told you that you need to change your diet because of specific health concerns



One Time Payment

  • Detailed Current Nutrition Analysis Report

  • Macronutrient, Hydration and Diet Report

  • Specific recommendations on improvement areas

  • Diet recommendations and habit changes

"I came to Amber because I needed some specific guidance on cleaning up my diet and finding ways to reduce my headaches and fatigue. Amber suggested some great supplements and really helped me understand where I might be compromising my health. She was super caring and always willing to help find a solution. Really loved the constant feedback and support from Amber. It felt like I wasn't alone during the 30 days! Highly recommend!"


Niya, 40, Entrepreneur, 4 Week Anti-Inflammatory Detox + Debloat

Helping Incredible Women Achieve Peak Health