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5 Delish & Easy Snacks

Who loves food? I do... and I hope you do too. Sometimes people come to believe that certain foods are “bad” and off limits. I don’t agree with that approach at all. Nutrition is just as much about balance and enjoying your food as it is about nutrient density. I hope you enjoy these easy, delicious, healthy, and satisfying snacks... let me know if you try them :)

1. Rice cake with peanut butter, (optional protein powder), banana and honey

2. Fresh cut up red bell pepper and cucumber with rotisserie chicken breast and balsamic vinegar drizzle

3. Banana with peanut butter, dried coconut chips, honey, and cinnamon (photo)

4. Protein balls (if you'd like my recipe send me an email from my contact page!)

5. Hummus and cut up vegetables and rice crackers

6. Plant based protein shake with oat milk, chia seeds, and maca... yum (ok thats 6)

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