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5 Habits for Optimal Nutrition & Health

With so much misleading and bad information circulating about how to improve your health and wellness, it is important to educate people on easy habits that can be implemented today.  Consistency with small, simple changes leads to a large impact over time. Health and wellness is not about drinking “skinny tea” or using “waist trainers” but rather about adopting life long habits and lifestyle choices that will keep you feeling energized and healthy for the rest of your life. These are my top 5 habits for improving how you look and feel, and they are easy to understand and implement into your life!

1. Limit processed foods and ingredients

2. Eat more whole foods (can you pull it from the ground or pick it from a bush or tree?)

3. Don’t drink your calories

4. Drink more water (2-3 liters per day for most people)

5. Consistently sleep 7-9 hours every night and maintain a regular bedtime and wake time

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